Drug Metabolism and Disposition


Drug Metabolism and Disposition is pleased to announce an upcoming thematic issue on novel models of drug metabolism, transport, and toxicity, edited by Drs. Aarti Sawant-Basak and R. Scott Obach. With a growing emphasis on personalized medicine, the use of human relevant models (in vitro and in vivo) to predict and understand the disposition of new therapeutics is ever increasing. Some of these models include (but are not limited to) usage of human derived primary cell co-cultures, human pluripotent stem cell derived systems, micro physiological models of different organ systems, humanized animal models, protein/RNA engineering technologies to study metabolism and transporters, etc.

Thus this issue will include original research articles and minireviews on such newer and evolving models of metabolism, transport, and toxicity of small molecule therapeutics.

This issue will be published in September of 2018. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2018.

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